Catch Scott Wicken Live


Monday, October 17, Caseys, 1120 Victoria St N, Kitchener, featured songwriter, 8pm

Friday March 3, 2017, Kickoff Birthday Bash, all proceeds to The Matt Osborne Bursary fund, 9pm, 170 University Ave. Waterloo, ON

Scott Wicken is a singer/songwriter, musician and spoken word artist based in his hometown of Waterloo, Ontario. If you had to put him in a slot, he would be an acoustic/roots/folk musician. But he draws his inspirations from a wide variety of rock, punk, ska, reggae, bebop, beat poetry, prog rock.

He plays many instruments… some of them better than others. With a background in spoken word/poetry, he has a strong sense of the lyric and moves easily from fictionalized characters (Simple John, The Painter, Character Actor) to deeply personal homages to people he has lost (Kathy Goodbye, Johnny Chaos, Tonight) to party songs (Let’s Go On a Tear, Let’s Have Some Fun). He’s also been known to write songs about treeplanters (I’m a Treeplanter) and houses (15 Spring St.) trips across Canada ($100 From Home) and whatever strikes his fancy.

He performs solo, usually on acoustic guitar. As well he is a member of City’N’Eastern, an acoustic trio which features accomplices Brent Hagerman and Paul McInnis. With City’N’Eastern he plays cello, spoons, saw and accordion as well as guitar. Wicken has also played in rock and reggae bands (Dinocopter, The Jolly Llamas) and still likes to rock out in an electrified setting. He’s also performed as an MC (The North Country Fair) and given workshops in writing and musicianship.

Originally, he performed poetry/spoken word pieces in small punk clubs and cafes (before poetry slams were a thing). He also wrote and performed in comedy rock operas, and has made videos, and has produced albums for himself and others. There’s no rest for the Wicken.

Please take some time to check out the more complete bio, some recordings, or lyrics, or pictures or what have you and thanks for visiting.

Recordings available at Bandcamp.